10 tips for avoiding sexual harassment in your workplace

The National Organization for Women (NOW) is asking companies to put a stop to workplace harassment and assault.

According to NOW, one of the biggest barriers to women working is sexual harassment.

Women in tech, entertainment and media are still the victims of sexual harassment on a regular basis, and it is time for companies to do more to end the cycle of sexual violence.

The 10 tips we’ve collected below can help you make a difference.

#1 Respect yourself #2 Don’t take yourself too seriously #3 Work to build a more inclusive workplace #4 Keep your distance #5 Be aware of your surroundings #6 Listen to your body #7 Work to support women who are victims of violence #8 Respect your coworkers #9 Respect yourself and your colleagues.

#10 Know your company.


Respect yourself The National Organisation for Women says women should respect themselves and their agency.

Respect others.

Respect their boundaries.

Respect your workplace.

Respect other people.


Don’t do it on purpose Don’t do the wrong thing and take your career in the wrong direction.


Don, don’t say, don, don’s Don, don’ t say no.

Don’ t just say ‘no’ to an inappropriate proposition.


Don”t be afraid to say no if someone says something that’s hurtful.


Don”t get discouraged if your colleague makes a mistake.

Don””t let it get to you.


Respect people with differing opinions.


Be mindful of your own feelings and actions.


Be respectful of your colleagues, coworkers and customers.


Be aware that sometimes you don””t see eye to eye with other people on the team.


Know your employer.

You are responsible for your own actions, not someone else’s.

The National Organization for Women (NOW) is asking companies to put a stop to workplace harassment and assault.According to NOW,…

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