Employers should use ’employee’ instead of ’employer’ template for job applications

Employers need to be clearer about what it means to call someone an employee in their employment application, as the process can lead to confusion, according to a report by the Centre for Business Transformation.

The paper, which is aimed at companies that want to hire workers from India, said employers should not have to put in the words “employee” and “employer” as required under the Employment Act.

“It is important that employees are referred to in their application as employee or employer as they should not be defined by their employment status,” it said.

In India, employers are not required to specify their employment profile or to provide any details of the workers that they are looking for.

Instead, companies are allowed to refer to the applicants’ current address and contact details and to use a generic description such as “job seeker”.

“As employers we need to get clear on the distinction between employees and employees,” the report said.

“It is also important that applicants have the right to a fair hearing as the terms ’employees’ and ’employers’ may not be clear in the employment application.”

Employers also should avoid the use of a generic title such as ’employor’, “employees”, “employers”, or “company” in their applications, the report suggested.

According to the report, “the employer may also not be able to provide sufficient details to clearly identify the employees or the employer.”

In addition, “a generic title of ‘company’ may also be inappropriate and may confuse prospective employers.”

The report said employers can only use a word template in their employer application if the employer “clearly and clearly defines the term ’employment’ in their applicant application”.

“The employer should not rely on generic words such as employer or employee in an application,” the paper said. 

A spokesperson for the Centre said: The government is committed to bringing transparency and clarity to the Indian workforce.

This report is an attempt to address the confusion between the two terms, the use and misuse of the word employee and employer, and the fact that there are no specific guidelines for employers and employees to follow in order to be clear about the requirements of their applications.

We would encourage employers and applicants to use the correct terminology in their job application.

Our government is working towards making this easier and easier for the millions of Indians who work and live in India and we are taking a proactive approach to make sure that it is easy for the Indian population to apply for jobs and jobs are not left out.

Employers need to be clearer about what it means to call someone an employee in their employment application, as the…

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