Google is testing a new certification template that would let people sign up for a new, free online meeting template from the company

Google has announced it is testing the creation of a new set of certification templates for its online meetings service.

The company is testing new templates in the US and Canada, which will help make it easier for people to create and edit meeting minutes. 

The company says it is experimenting with different template formats, but that it expects to release a new document sometime in March.

“We’re making significant progress with the certification process and we’re excited to be partnering with a number of organisations, including the US Department of Health, to offer these templates,” said Steve Bains, the Google Product Manager for Online Meetings, in a blog post.

The document, called the Google Meeting Template Certification Template, is part of Google’s ongoing effort to create an open certification system for online meeting and collaboration.

The template has already been used by organisations such as Google’s own US office and the US Office of Personnel Management, which have also offered online meeting templates.

The template has been tested in the past, with Google’s US office saying it was the first to use it, and the agency that runs the online meetings website has already accepted the template.

Google says it will test the new templates over the next few weeks and expects to provide more details about them at a later date. 

While Google is using a lot of different templates to make online meeting meeting minutes easier to create, it has also been experimenting with other formats such as the Microsoft Word template that can help people edit meeting notes, which Google says is another key advantage of its template.

Google also said it would offer its online meeting format free for users who sign up to the company’s online meetings.

The Google Meeting template will be made available to meet and collaborate online on the company website and the Google Group and Google Plus pages.

The Google Group will offer free online meetings for anyone who wants to sign up. 

Microsoft, which also uses the Google meeting template, has also recently introduced a free online version of the Microsoft Document template, which Microsoft has said can help make online meetings easier to use.

Microsoft said it will provide free online and on-premises meetings in its Office 365 and Skype for Business plans in March, and will also offer an on-demand, Microsoft Office meeting option later this year.

Google has announced it is testing the creation of a new set of certification templates for its online meetings service.The…

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