How to order medical supplies on your smartphone?

The following instructions may help you order your medical supplies from Amazon and the internet using the Medical News Now template.

Step 1.

Open the Medical Now app on your phone.

Tap the menu button in the top-right corner of the screen.

Tap Settings.

Under Mobile Payments, tap “Add Medical Order.”

Once you have added an order, tap on “Create Order.”

Step 2.

Enter the information you wish to purchase and click on the Submit button.

Step 3.

You will be redirected to the Amazon website.

Step 4.

Click the Add to Cart button.

This will bring up a screen where you can select a payment method.

Step 5.

You can now select the type of payment method you want to use and select the payment method that you want.

Step 6.

To complete the order, simply tap the green “Complete” button to confirm the order.

The following instructions will help you add an order using the Mobile Payments template.

Make your Amazon order online.

If you have a Kindle Fire, iPad, or iPhone, you can use the Medical App on your mobile device to order the medicine you need.

To use the Mobile Payment template, first download Medical News Update.

Then open the Medical app on the device.

Tap on the menu option in the upper-right of the top navigation bar.

Tap on the Payment option.

You will be taken to a screen that allows you to add a payment form.

Click on the “Add” button.

This will bring you to the Mobile Paying screen.

Step 7.

Choose a payment option and enter the information.

The order is now complete and your payment will be processed by the Amazon fulfillment center.

Step 8.

Your order will appear on your Amazon account.

Step 9.

Tap and hold the blue check mark icon in the bottom-right navigation bar to add the order to your cart.

Step 10.

Once your order is added to your Amazon cart, tap the “Payment” button in order to complete the payment.

Step 11.

To finish the payment process, tap a green “Done” button on the order confirmation screen.

You should see your order placed on your shopping cart.

If you do not see your payment completed, tap to close your order confirmation window.

You can then use the Health app to order medications from the internet.

The following instructions may help you order your medical supplies from Amazon and the internet using the Medical News Now…

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