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How to make your resume look good on Google+

People who use Google+ have been known to spend their time on Google+, the search engine that has long been…

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What you need to know about how to resign from the US president’s cabinet

article Posted November 09, 2018 08:31:38 If you’re the president of the United States and you’re not a fan of…

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How to make your own birthday card template

How to Make Your Own Birthday Card Template by Mandy K.C. Johnson, Mandy Johnson Mandy is a mom of two,…

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What to watch for in President-elect Donald Trump’s inauguration speech

The Wall St. Journal is using a template created by The Associated Press that highlights key themes from President-Elect Donald…

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How to create a video of yourself dancing in a bingo game

article It was a long weekend at the Bizzaro in San Francisco, and a few nights before my birthday, I…

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Macaron template: The Power of the Chore Chart Template

The Power Of The Chore chart templates, and the power of a well-designed chart, are all important tools that can…

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How to create a ‘family tree’ template for a YouTube channel

The template you see here is the one we’ve been using on this blog for awhile.It’s a very simple one,…

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