Taxation of the internet in Australia: The basics

By Chris Wrenan The Australian Financial Times This week the Senate voted to approve a bill to create a new internet tax in Australia.

It is now to be passed by both houses of Parliament.

The legislation will be part of a broader bill to tax financial services online, and is aimed at stopping people from paying more tax online.

The Senate vote was one of the biggest ever in Australia, with many people supporting the proposal.

It was a major victory for the digital revolution, and also a major setback for the tax industry.

The online tax will be based on the principle that a service provider must not have an obligation to collect tax from its customers.

If a service is not registered as a GST-exempt entity, it will not be subject to the tax.

The GST will be charged on the amount of tax that is paid.

This means that the tax will not only be collected by the provider, but will also be paid to the Australian Taxation Office.

In a similar vein, the bill will also make it easier for people to use virtual currency such as bitcoin.

It will mean that online services that are not GST-registered will be taxed at the same rate as those that are, but that they will have to be registered as such.

The government will also seek to make it more difficult for people who use virtual currencies to evade tax.

If you have a virtual currency account, the GST will apply as normal to that account.

This will mean you will not pay the tax, even if you own bitcoins or other virtual currency.

The new legislation will also create new legal rules for tax avoidance, and ensure that people who avoid tax through online services do not have to report it.

The bill will be passed in a short time, and will be debated and debated in the upper house of Parliament in the coming weeks.

The debate in the Senate is the first stage in a long process that will take years to complete.

But the result will be that the internet is set to become a bigger part of Australian life, as a result of the legislation.

If the Senate vote is passed, the legislation will become law in 2018, with the new laws becoming effective in 2019.

The ABC’s Stephen Quinn contributed to this report.

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By Chris Wrenan The Australian Financial Times This week the Senate voted to approve a bill to create a new…

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