‘There was nothing wrong with me’: What I’ve learnt from the experience of mental illness

Mental health issues, including depression, are a common topic of discussion for people who have suffered a mental illness, but what is it like for someone who is still struggling with the disease?

The topic has long been a topic of debate, and this week the theme of the Mental Health Foundation of Australia’s annual conference in Adelaide will be discussed with some of the country’s leading experts in the field of mental health.

In the event, mental health experts will discuss the mental health challenges faced by those who have recovered from the illness, how they are dealing with it, and how the challenges can be overcome.

For a person with mental illness to have a successful recovery, they need support from others who have the same challenges and they need a lot of support from people who know and love them.

As the keynote speaker, Dr Anne Marie Murphy, the president of the Foundation, said, “the most important thing for anyone with mental health issues is that they have a supportive network of support.”

The Mental Health Fellowship has a unique role in Australia, but it has been working closely with other mental health organisations and governments to support and promote the mental illness community in the country.

It has also created the Mental Illness Awareness Group (MIAG), which is an inter-professional group of mental wellbeing experts, academics, psychologists and others working in the area of mental healthcare and research.

“The MIAG has been instrumental in helping to promote the role of mental disorders in the Australian community, and it has done so with the help of the foundation,” Murphy said.

The MBIG has more than 300 members who work across a range of disciplines, including psychiatrists, psychologists, clinical psychologists, nurse practitioners, nurse midwives, nurses and social workers.

It is currently one of the largest mental health and social services groups in Australia.

Murphy said the MBIGs mission is to “ensure that mental health services are designed to meet the needs of individuals and the communities they serve”.

“The mental health industry has had a lot to do with the growth of mental illnesses,” she said.

“I don’t think that mental illnesses are the only mental health issue we need to address, but they certainly deserve a much better treatment, much more than they get now.”

In Australia, mental illness is an important public health issue, but there is also a strong debate about whether it should be a public health priority, and whether it is something that can be addressed by the government and by mental health charities.

Murph said that while she did not want to comment on the politics of mental wellness, she felt that there was a need to discuss mental health policy.

“There are so many people that are struggling with mental illnesses that they do not get enough support and support from their families, their community, their society, and we need more of that,” she explained.

“We need to be much more accepting and welcoming of people that need help.

We need to listen to those that are dealing and those that need to come out and be more confident in themselves.”


Mental health issues, including depression, are a common topic of discussion for people who have suffered a mental illness, but…

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