Trump’s budget cuts $200M for the EPA

President Donald Trump’s new budget proposes slashing $200 million for the Environmental Protection Agency, while adding $200 billion to the federal debt.

The administration will also propose $300 million to help states implement the Clean Power Plan, a global climate change rule that aims to limit global warming by cutting emissions from power plants.

The proposed cuts come as Trump is battling a spate of storms and floods that have caused millions of dollars in damage.

The White House did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

The cuts come in a budget that Trump signed on Friday that includes a $1.6 trillion increase in defense spending.

The budget is the largest in decades and represents a stark reversal of Trump’s approach to the economy.

The president said during his first 100 days in office that the economy was doing fine.

“We’re getting it done, and it’s going to be a lot easier than we thought,” Trump said in a speech on Thursday.

The Trump administration also will cut $3 billion from a national parks fund, which funds the country’s national parks, and a $200,000 increase in the military’s health-care spending, according to the White House.

Trump will also cut $1 billion from the Overseas Private Investment Corporation, which invests in companies in overseas countries, according a budget blueprint released Thursday.

Trump’s $1 trillion spending blueprint does not include the tax cuts that Trump’s administration has been advocating.

Trump signed the blueprint after the Senate approved the bill by a vote of 52-48.

President Donald Trump’s new budget proposes slashing $200 million for the Environmental Protection Agency, while adding $200 billion to the…

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