What to watch for in President-elect Donald Trump’s inauguration speech

The Wall St. Journal is using a template created by The Associated Press that highlights key themes from President-Elect Donald Trump.

The AP says it uses the template to help reporters prepare their stories for the inauguration.

The AP says that the theme is “America First.”

Here are the key topics that will be covered:What is President-Donald Trump’s vision for the next four years?

The president-elect wants to restore America to greatness and restore its promise for the future.

We will restore our economy and create a new middle class.

We must rebuild our military and build new alliances.

We cannot let this country fall behind the rest of the world.

What is the president-trump’s commitment to American workers?

The president- elect will bring back our jobs, but also the American dream.

He will be a true American leader, bringing back the American spirit, bringing our values back.

He will bring our manufacturing back, and we will get back our manufacturing jobs.

We need them to grow our economy.

We are going to build the roads and bridges and airports, we are going have great manufacturing, and he will bring it back.

What are the President- Donald Trump promises for the military?

He wants to put American troops back on the battlefield and in the field, and keep our troops out of harm’s way, but he will also rebuild our air, water and land.

We can build new aircraft carriers, and our troops will be safe.

What we can’t build is more of the same.

What about foreign policy?

We have a great opportunity right now in the Middle East.

He is a strong leader, and I will make sure that our allies are safe, that our friends are safe.

What do you think of the President Donald Trump, Donald Trump Jr. and Jared Kushner?

The President- elect is not a typical Republican.

I believe that he has an authentic vision for America.

I think he has a plan, and that’s what the American people want to see.

We have to see the plan in action, and then we will have a clear idea of what our priorities are, what we can achieve.

What should the public be watching for?

We will have an opportunity to hear his vision, and his vision will be an American vision, not just a foreign policy vision.

We should be watching closely for what he will do as commander-in-chief, because I have seen it work before.

What’s next?

We are in the final days of the presidential campaign.

We won’t know whether or not Donald Trump will be the next president for a long time.

We’ll just have to wait and see what happens.

The Wall St. Journal is using a template created by The Associated Press that highlights key themes from President-Elect Donald…

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