When a great father goes missing, his son’s story is worth sharing

When a father disappears from his home, his wife and son face a challenge of their own.

In “Perfect Face,” the story of a father who goes missing from his own home in the US, there’s a heartbreakingly familiar story of loss and redemption.

In a way, this film, the follow-up to the 2008 film, “Perfect Father,” is a story of the rise and fall of a man’s faith, and its impact on his family.

The film follows the story as it unfolds, from the death of his son in 2004 to the discovery of his body at the bottom of a lake.

It’s a story that, at the time, was both a personal and a global phenomenon.

In the film, when a young man named Daniel is discovered to have been abducted in Thailand by people he believes are from Mars, his father (Mark Strong) is devastated.

His own faith has been broken, and he feels that his son has been abandoned.

In “Perfect” (the title refers to a common saying in Thailand), the son’s faith is shattered and his father’s grief is overwhelming.

And when Daniel is found alive, his mother (Cheryl Boone Isaacs) tries to comfort him by reminding him of how much his father loved him and how much he wanted him to be the father he wanted to be.

But when Daniel asks why he isn’t a father, she tells him he’s still too young to know the right answer.

“When a great man goes missing,” the title reads, “his son’s life is worth telling.”

The film opens with a poignant shot of a boat being launched off a hill in the middle of the ocean, and it’s there that the film’s central moment comes.

As the boat begins to accelerate, a huge, smiling figure floats past.

A mother and her two children are watching as the man appears and, at first, they’re confused, and they ask if he’s his son.

It’s the first time the father and son have spoken, and their first meeting in years.

“We are waiting for him,” the mother tells her son.

“He’ll come home.

We’re waiting for you.”

And then, in a moment that will change everything, Daniel’s voice breaks through the silence.

“Dad, Dad, Dad,” he says.

“You told me to come home.”

And the boat’s engine is ready.

When a father disappears from his home, his wife and son face a challenge of their own.In “Perfect Face,” the…

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