When God created man, he made him into a child of God, a godlike being who was capable of acting according to divine will.

The Lad, an early Christian author and theologian, often wrote of the Messiah and the Father as one and the same.

He often emphasized the divinity of the Father and the Son, the unity of God and humanity, and the sanctity of man and his place in God’s kingdom.

He also often spoke of the unity between God and humankind, which he saw as essential for the salvation of mankind.

In many ways, Lad’s writings represent the very essence of Christianity today.

The Lad believed that Christ’s death and resurrection was a final, all-powerful judgment of the world.

Christ was the final personification of God.

He was the only one who could restore the world to God’s glory.

This vision is central to Christian theology today, and Lad’s teachings and writings are still widely read today.

Lad also believed that God was responsible for all things, including the creation of the universe and humanity.

He made all things for the good of man, but he also made all beings good and worthy of eternal life.

He provided everything in the world with an end in sight, a final purpose and an ultimate purpose.

Lad believed in a timeless destiny for the world and humankind.

Lad’s vision of the future is seen in the book of Job, which Lad wrote in the second century after his death.

Job wrote that the end of the great flood would be the fulfillment of God’s plans for the coming of Christ.

Job described God’s plan for mankind and God’s purposes for humanity, writing: The world was created by a great God, the Creator of all.

He created all things out of nothing, and gave them a beginning in order that they should be in him.

He placed them in perfect order; all things had perfect beauty and perfection, for they had been created out of his own substance.

And then the firstborn of every living creature, every animal, and every vegetable, were created.

This is the perfect order.

It is in accordance with the perfection of the divine plan.

There is no other perfect order than this.

All things were made out of the very substance of God: His very essence.

And God created them from nothing.

And he created them in the image of his Son, that is, out of love.

And the image was made flesh.

And out of a single image came every plant that is upon the earth, every bird of the heavens and every fish of the sea, and all that is in the earth.

Job ends his description of God with the word in English, “in the image” which indicates that God created the world in the likeness of his image.

Lad wrote of his vision of an ultimate fulfillment of his ultimate purpose in a prophecy that he recorded in his book of Ecclesiastes, which is often cited as the Bible’s earliest Christian text.

Lad prophesied in the Book of Eccleses that the world would end in the final battle between God the Father, and his Son the Son.

Lad said in Ecclesiasticus, “I saw a day coming, and a great battle will come upon the world, the end will be in the day when the world is in one piece, and when the son of man is in his father’s house.

And when the Son of man comes in the glory of his Father, he will stand before his father and say, ‘I am Alpha and Omega.’

And when he comes, the sons of men will be gathered before him.

And they will say, How did the Son become a son of God?

He was a man, and he became a son to his father.

And behold, I have given this commandment to you: Thou shalt not kill, nor shall thou commit adultery, nor steal, nor lie, nor bear false witness, nor covet.

For I tell you, unless one does these things, he cannot enter into the kingdom of God; for the kingdom is reserved for those who do these things.”

Lad also spoke of a final judgment of all men, and of a “great flood” and a “glorious end.”

Lad believed the end would be an earthly, spiritual, and celestial world, where mankind would live in harmony with God’s creations and relationships.

Lad described the earthly world as a “perfect and blessed world.”

Lad said, “When the world of today has come to its own end, there will be a great and wonderful time in which all things will be fulfilled, in which the great and glorious day will come, and we will be filled with joy.”

Lad then predicted that God would send his Son into the earth and be “the light of the nations.”

Lad predicted that the “time of the end” would be a day when mankind would be “completely destroyed” in the “great and glorious hour of the judgment

The Lad, an early Christian author and theologian, often wrote of the Messiah and the Father as one and the…

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