When the Trump administration decides what’s best for you, you might want to check the label of a prescription drug

When you buy prescription drugs, you typically know what the label says, and that information is often found on the back of the container or on the label itself.

But what happens if the drug’s label contains a misleading disclaimer?

A few years ago, the Drug Enforcement Administration began investigating labels on several medications, looking for signs of false advertising.

A DEA spokeswoman told ABC News, “If the label on a prescription contains information that is misleading, or is otherwise inconsistent with a label we see on the marketplace, we will notify the manufacturer.”

The agency said that it will take “appropriate action” if the label contains false information, and will also look into whether the labels are misleading in other ways.

The DEA has since expanded its investigation to include generic versions of several drugs.

In the meantime, it’s not uncommon for consumers to find out the manufacturer of a generic drug doesn’t actually make the drug in question.

The FDA’s Office of Drug Safety and Applied Pharmacology will conduct a formal investigation into any false advertising in drug labels.

The agency’s website offers more information about the investigation.

Here’s a list of some common false drug labels: Generic drug labels are sometimes placed under a heading that says “Manufacturer’s Name.”

Generic drug manufacturers may place these labels under the name of a different company.

They may also place these drug labels under “other” labels, or under a generic name.

For example, a generic manufacturer may place an “Avexio” label under a prescription for “a prescription medication that contains AVEXIO.”

If a generic label says “Generic: AVEEXIO,” it is likely to contain a generic formulation of AVEXTIO, and is likely misleading.

If a drug label says that “Generic Drugs” is in the label, it may be referring to the generic drug brand, or a generic version of that brand.

Generic drug label names are also commonly placed under the label name of another company, such as “Avanti Pharmaceuticals.”

If you buy a generic prescription, you may find the manufacturer’s name or the brand name of the drug listed under the generic label.

But you may also find the brand of the generic medication listed under a separate label, such, “Aptiv Pharmaceuticals” or “Progeny Pharmaceuticals,” or a different generic label, like “Proggeny” or the generic brand name “ProG.”

Generic drugs typically come in multiple varieties, which vary in strength, potency, and cost.

If you’re buying a generic medication, it is also possible to find a brand name, and sometimes a generic generic drug, listed under different labels.

For instance, a drug maker might place a generic brand “Aetna” label on their generic drug label, but have a generic pharmacist sign a generic branded label on the generic pharmacy label.

Generic drugs often come in a variety of strengths and strengths of the same medication, and are usually sold as “strength” or a higher strength than the one you usually buy.

The label on these generic drugs often has a label number that is printed in letters that spell out the name and brand of a specific brand, such a “AETNA,” “Aventi,” or “Aurobindo.”

The generic name is often spelled out in a different way, like a “PT” or an “PAT.”

A generic drug may also include a generic code, sometimes spelled out as “PTZ,” “PTG,” or an abbreviation of the word “PT,” like “PT.”

For example: A generic prescription drug may say that it contains a generic “PT-7.”

The drug may have a brand or generic name that is not in English, or may include a different name, such “PTX.”

The label may include the brand’s or generic brand’s name in brackets, or it may have the generic code in parentheses.

If the generic name or code appears on a generic product, it will usually spell out “PTN,” or for “PTT.”

If the label indicates the brand, it should read “PTU.”

If your generic medication comes in a bottle, the bottle will typically contain a “generic brand” name on the front of the bottle, followed by a generic-branded name and a generic codes.

Generic medications may also have a label that says they come in bottles labeled “generic” or labeled “branded.”

Generic medications generally are usually packaged in a plastic bottle with a plastic lid.

A plastic bottle typically has a plastic cap on the top, which is attached to a plastic cover that contains a plastic label.

If an FDA inspection finds that the bottle contains a false label, the FDA will alert the manufacturer and the pharmacy chain.

The company may also send the label to the FDA for a review.

If your prescription medication comes with a warning about potential false labeling, you should call your pharmacist or visit a pharmacy and tell them about any possible label problems

When you buy prescription drugs, you typically know what the label says, and that information is often found on the…

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